Social Services by Rustagi Community
Rustagi Sabha Calcutta, is a non- profit organization formed with an object of
advancement of education, medical assistance to distress people and
advancement of any other objects of general public utility.
Udgam ( Origin )
The conflicting claims have been made regarding the origin of the “RUSTAGI”.
Most informants believe that the “Rustagi” belongs to Suryavanshi dynasty.
The surname Rustagi is thought to be derived from “Rohtas” (‘Rohit’ meaning
Sun, ‘aas’ meaning vansha). Rustagi claims themselves as descendants o
f the Satyawadi Maharaja Harishchandra who had a son Rohit from whom
the name “Rustagi” is derived.

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  "Yes we can"...
                  ... create a special world
Uddeshya (Objects)
1. Engage members for understanding community issues, build consonance for economic, social, environmental and psychological policy. Create future values and preserve cultural heritage of Rustagi Sabha.
2. Be open for using the full range of action and strategies to work towards the long term sustainability of Sabha and for well-being of the members of Rustagi Sabha.
3. Incorporate diverse interests and cultures of the Rustagi Sabha in the
community development process.
4. Work actively to enhance the leadership capacity of members, leaders and groups within the Rustagi Sabha.
5. Dis-engage from the support of any effort that is likely to adversely affect the members of Rustagi Sabha.
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