Udgam ( Origin )

The conflicting claims have been made regarding the origin of the “RUSTAGI”. Most informants believe that the “Rustagi” belongs to Suryavanshi dynasty. The surname Rustagi is thought to be derived from “Rohtas” (‘Rohit’ meaning Sun, ‘aas’ meaning vansha). Rustagi claims themselves as descendants of the Satyawadi Maharaja Harishchandra who had a son Rohit from whom the name “Rustagi” is derived. #
#    The most tenable theory is that the “Rustagi” are descendants of the Satyawadi Maharaja Harishchandra. Eleven centuries ago they established their rule in three places, one in the west of Punjab i.e Indraprastha, (now Delhi) second in the south of Kashi on the banks of river Som and a third at Kannauj and ruled upto fifth century. #

#    The Rustagi family are mostly found in the extreme west of Punjab and south east of Punjab (now Haryana and Rajasthan) on the border of Rajputana and forms part of a state in which “Banias” are represented by four groups (1) Aggarwal (2) Rustagi (3) Khandelwal (4) Mahur who rank in this order. Each group being able to take water from the one above it but not vice versa.  $

#    The “Rustagi” families are inhabitants of  Bawal, Gurgaon, Delhi, Alwar, Budaun, Bulandshahr and Gwalior. The Rustagi are most strongly represented in Bawal, Bhorakalan, Gurgaon, Rewari and at Barod in Alwar. According to belief, Rustagi have 18 Gotras named after their villages. They performed their first hair cutting of a boy at Nagarkot place or Devi Place in Gurgaon or Alwar. $

#    The major customs of Rustagi are that they (Rusatgi) avoid one gotra marriage and invariably do not wear Janeo. Rustagi observe the Milani (i.e. when the parents of a boy meet the girl’s father. The girl’s father gives milani to boy’s father.) At Diwali, Rustagi pays special puja to their God, Kuldevi and forefathers. Rustagi perform “Shraadh” i.e. performing rituals for their deceased forefathers. Rustagi are all Vaishnavas and have normal Hindu marriage customs. $

#    Out of the above settlement of the Rustagi families some of the Rustagi families migrated and settled in various part of Calcutta and its suburbs in mid eighteenth century. Presently Rusatgi families are engaged in the business of Edible- Non Edible Oils, Textiles, Clothes,Pulses, Foodgrains, Dealers & Stockists of various products and Sugar etc and they are also engaged in the profession of Chartered Accountants Broking and Stock Broking Rusatgi have demonstrated their entrepreneurship skills with excellence and dignity. These families have formed the Rusatgi Sabha post independence period and formally registered the societies 31 years ago i.e. on 13th February 1980.

Edited version from the relevant excerpts

a) # From the research paper published by Sudha Rustagi and Deepak Tyagi.

b) $ From the books of “Glossary of the Tribes and Castes of Punjab and North West Frontier Province written by H.A.Rose at page 62 published by IBBETSON, Maclagon in 1996)

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